OverDrive Update

In case you missed our previous announcements, in a move that will greatly expand the digital offerings that patrons can access, we have joined the Arkansas Digital Library Consortium (ADLC). As of July 2nd, your Garland County Library card will have access to over 70,000 digital titles, including magazines. With only a few minor changes to services.

  • Users are limited to 5 checkouts at a time
  • Titles have a 2-week checkout period
  • Users are limited to 7 holds

  • While these changes may initially frustrate existing high-use patrons, the data has shown they will significantly improve the overall user experience with additional content and reduced wait times. Without further ado, users may access the new ADLC OverDrive site here.

    Having Trouble?

    If you're having trouble with the transition from old to new OverDrive service, we hope the steps below may help.

    Using the Libby App

    When using the Libby app, our library should now be found under the listing for the Arkansas Digital Library Consortium. You can search for our listing as the Garland County Library, but it includes a couple of redundant steps and displays some incorrect information about our collection, so we recommend the former. You can add a new library by tapping the account icon in the top-right corner on the Libby app.

    If you've searched for the Arkansas Digital Library Consortium, it asks you to choose a location. Simply scroll to find Garland County Library from the list and enter your card number. It will show a virtual card with some basic account information, and just can click next. From there, you're set! If you've used the Libby app before, it's the same thing, just with a different theme and a much larger collection. Time to get reading!

    If you searched Garland County Library, we'll just need to take another extra step to the process. After searching and selecting the Garland County Library, you'll be asked to enter your account details. Simply enter your library card number and you'll be shown a virtual library card with our old account limits (10 loans and 10 holds). Just remember that this information is no longer correct under the ADLC access. Click next and you'll see a message that we have joined the consoritum and click to "Continue To Your New Library".

    Now that we're on the ADLC page, we just need to follow through by entering your card number and home library (this is that extra step I mentioned). Tap the account icon in the top right corner again, then tap the option to add a library card. Choose the Garland County Library as your location and enter your card number once more. Click to sign in and you'll again see the virtual library card, this time with the proper number of loans and holds (5 and 7). Click next one final time and you should now be ready for reading!

    Using the OverDrive App

    While we recommend using the Libby app, we understand that it's not always available on all devices. The OverDrive app isn't quite so consistent between devices, but it is accessible on a wider array of devices.

    From the OverDrive screen, click the hamburger menu button (usually in the top-left corner) and click the option to manage libraries. We're not yet listed as a library under the consortium in the OverDrive app, so instead we need to search for the Garland County Library. Tap the result, and then tap again on the second listing for the Garland County Library (with the star icon to the left). You should now see a screen with our logo and a message about our merging with the ADLC. Tap on one of the links in the message and the ADLC site should load. Now click either on the button to sign in, or the hamburger menu near the top-right corner.

    Choose the Garland County Library from the drop down menu and enter your card number to log in. Lastly, we need borrow and download an item from the collection to make sure the library is saved to your list of managed libraries. Once you've borrowed an item and confirmed that it's available in your bookshelf, the ADLC should appear in your list of libraries, and likely appears under the "Add a title" button in your apps bookshelf. Now you should be able to browse and read just like you always have, but this time with tens of thousands more titles to choose from!

    Still having trouble?

    If you're still having trouble accessing your account or transitioning between the sites, open a chat from the bottom-right corner of this website, or send us an email at gcl@gclibrary.com. Good luck and happy reading.